Compactor Rentals

Self Contained Compactors

We offer self-contained compactors which are generally used at companies with wet based waste such as supermarkets, high paced manufacturing facilities, and hospitals etc.

How It Works

Self-Contained compactors have the receiver box (unit holding the material) and the compaction unit (unit pushing material) all-in-one, meaning the whole unit gets picked to be emptied when reaching capacity.

Stationary Compactors

Stationary compactors are generally used for dry contactable-based waste. These are generally used for OCC (Cardboard) and Single stream recycling material such as paper and plastics. These compactors are generally used for offices, hotels, restaurants, department stores etc.

How It Works

Stationary Compactors are made up of two units, the receiver box, which holds the material being disposed of, and the compaction unit containing two pistons which pushes the waste into the receiver box. The compactor unit stays in the same place whereas only the receiver box gets picked up when filled to capacity.

Benefits of Using Compactors

Saving Costs on Hauling

For Businesses generating large amounts of material waste, compactors are the most effective tool for the job. these special containers compact the material, allowing more volume to be held, resulting in significantly less hauling costs.

Business and Environmentally Friendly

Compactors keeps material contained so that your business is looking clean and professional at all times.

Labor Costs

Paying laborers can be expensive. It takes time for employees to break down material so that they can fit more material with an open top container, whereas the compactors will do it for you, creating operational efficiency.

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